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The Chiefs also have Darrel Williams, who led the Chiefs with 46 rushing yards in their most recent win in Week 16 against the Atlanta Falcons.Los Angeles Chargers for Face Masks

"I tell this to everybody I talk to about him -- he is one of the greatest dudes you can be around. He really is," Allen said. "I root heavily for him, just knowing what he went through his first year, how he's been able to do it, and how humble and awesome he is off the field. It's hard not to root for him even when we're playing against him. But we're enemies on Saturday, and we both know that. But I can't say enough about just how good of a dude he is and it makes you love him that much more on the field."


As Cleveland opened a 28-point lead in its 48-37 wild-card win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Watkins engaged with one of his followers who said, ''Looks like we got some comp (competition) next week.''

This article originally appeared on Detroit Free Press: New Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes: 'I can make a difference'

It’s a long way from a guy who didn’t merit a single major college football scholarship offer coming out of high school in Chico, California.Detroit Lions for Face Masks


Sports Team Face Masks

Sept 13, 2020 – Saints 34-23 Buccaneers: In Week 1 of this season, Brees and Brady met for the first time with Brady as a Buccaneer. Brady threw 2 TD and 2 INT, including a pick-6 in the 3rd quarter, while Brees threw for 160 yards and 2 TD in the win.San Francisco 49ers for Face Masks

Holmes didn't want to delve into specifics, but all of this is the start of what Holmes is describing as his process.Philadelphia Eagles for Face Masks
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