Wintertips van Julian Cundiff

In augustus van dit jaar plaatsten we al een leuk interview met Julian Cundiff en in de tussentijd heeft Willem contact gehouden met deze vriendelijke Engelsman. Toen Willem aan Julian vroeg of hij enkele winterse tips voor ons in petto had beloofde hij gelijk in de pen te klimmen. Het resultaat lees je vandaag in dit leuke vraaggesprek met Julian.

Een winterse vangst

Hi Julian, massive thanks for your time. I noticed you've been very busy lately. I saw the interview with you and Kevin Nash, SPOD-cast, articles, social media, open days and so on. Do you have any time for yourself that isn't fishing related?

Thanks mate, it was great to spend time with Nashy. As friends for 30 years we had lots to laugh about, lots to reminice about and more. Heck it's had almost 20,000 views so it seems to have been well recieved my friend. Fishing though is only a SMALL part of my life I assure you. Friday I was hanging with Def Leppard and Cheap Trick, Saturday I rode 60 miles on my bike after a Nash Tackle Shop Open Day , Sunday gym and last minute present shopping. Today I was running round as taxi for the elderly of the area for their christmas lunch then washing up too. In all honesty anything fishing is about 30% of my waking hours. If you look at my Facebook page at Julian P Cundiff you will soon see that my life is MUCH more than carp fishing.

I do a lot more than fishing
Julian doet meer dan alleen vissen

The holiday season is in approach, how does mister Cundiff gets himself through these days? family/friends/the “misses”

There will be some fishing between now and the New Year (one 24 hour session and two short sessions) but other than that LOTS. A church carol service then midnight mass. Dressing up as Santa Claus for my dads supported care home, a KISS tribute band called 'Dressed To Kill', spending time with my fiancee and our granddaughter, bike rides and gym and... well whatever I can fit in. Remember I am retired from being a court lawyer now so I can spend LOTS more time doing the things I WANT to do and less doing the things I HAVE to do... Lucky me, but I worked 38 year's for this freedom.

About the winter, do you change tactics in the colder months?

I wrap up a lot warmer. I tend to only fish waters which produce carp in the colder months. I fish shorter sessions around times they are more likely to feed. I use boily crumb, frozen maggots and casters a lot too. I tend not to even cast in until I feel I am on fish...

If I was to say: “how do you use bait and rigs mr Cundiff?“ What would you have to say about that?

My rigs are pretty similar but maybe a 5 instead of a 4 hook. The hooks are always sharpened pin sharp. I always pen my hooklengths to ensure it blends in better. I like to fish small bright pop ups with maggots on top. Buzzers are on most sensitive and any bleeps are struck. Small bags of Nash Fizzing Stick Mix over a light scattering of boily crumb, frozen maggots and casters. I often fish bags only.

Small baits

Which items are indispensable during winter fishing?

Skeetex boots and Nash thermal socks. Bib and braces and thermal base layers. Plenty of coffee and Porridge Pots. A lucky hat and fingers crossed.

I see that you do a lot of day sessions on social media. Is there a reason for you to do only day sessions or haven't you got the juice to squeeze out an overnighter anymore?  What is your thought about day- or night fishing in winter?

As I said earlier I only fish times when I think I will get a bite. In October and November it was 1 pm to 4 pm hence the carp were afternoon captures. December it has been 4 pm to 11 pm so thats when I do nights. It is crazy to do nights when the carp are not feeding then...I have better things to do than wait 17 hours for the 7 hour bite time buddy.....

Een prachtige winterse schub voor Julian

How do you prepare a session? Luggage, baits the works?

As soon as I get home I ensure I am ready for my next trip. I have a 'night setup' and a 'day setup'... I ensure I replace rigs, PVA foam, food and drink. I have a freezer full of Nashbait Key crumb and Amber Strawberry crumb and gallons of frozen maggots. I am always ready.

If I would ask you about location during winter, you would say?

They are where they are... And that's where I fish for them. I like areas out of the wind, under over hanging trees, over dead lillies, warm shallow water. In all honesty where I see them I fish for them.

Zorg dat je warm blijft
Zorg dat je warm blijft

Do you have some winter campaign advice for the crowd?

Fish for what makes you happy. The closer to home is better. Shallow waters fish better. Lots of carp are better than few carp. Spend ALL your time looking and ONLY cast out if you feel you are on fish. Be observant. Wrap up warm. Don't kill yourself... spring is not too far away.

What are your thoughts on feeding times of carp during these periods?

It can vary from water to water. I find that feeding spells are short. Once the weather settles down in the new year I think the day is best. But it is simple... Fish twenty four hour sessions as often as you can until you can find out the times.

Dagsessies zijn vaak productiever dan lange nachten
Dagsessies zijn vaak productiever dan lange nachten

What advice can you give starting anglers (kids/youngsters)?

Don't do too much winter carp fishing on normal carp waters. Go to commercial waters and catch lots of smaller carp and learn what does and does not work. It will stand you in good stead in later years.

What is your favorite bait in these periods and why?

Small bright pop ups pink, white and yellow. Acidic flavours like Nashbait Citruz. Maggots too...

Perfect winteraas

Can you leave a Christmas/Holiday thought/wish or anecdote for the crowd?

Enjoy life whilst you can. Only do what makes you happy and surround yourself with positive people who make you happy. Fishing is IMPORTANT but should only be PART of your life.

Are we seeing you at Zwolle 2019?

If you want me YES. I may be there with Nash. I do over 30 days of shop and conference days a year..... I HOPE SO....

In de wintermaanden ga ik veel shows af

Do you believe in Santa? And what would be great to have in your stockings or under the Christmas Tree?

I believe in Karma. Do good and you will have a happier life. I have EVERYTHING I have ever wanted but a super model would be nice... As a youngster I dreamed of carp, girls and rock music. I have a beautiful fiancee, I have met with my favourite rock stars and written six books. I honestly don't need anything under my tree...

Ik heb alles gedaan wat ik wilde


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