Julian Cundiff aan het woord

Sommige namen zie je veel voorbij komen op social media of in de bladen en van sommige namen heb je misschien nog nooit gehoord. In onze rubriek ‘aan het woord’ interviewen we zowel bekende als onbekende karpervissers uit binnen- en buitenland. Op deze manier leren we niet alleen de persoon beter kennen, maar nemen we ook een kijkje in zijn of haar visserij. In deze editie spreken we met Julian Cundiff, een bekend gezicht uit de Engelse karpermedia. 

Hi Julian, first things first. Can you tell the Dutch audience who you are and where we could know you from?

My name is Julian Cundiff and until April of this year I was a lawyer in the Magistrates Court in England. I started my job in September 1980 so when I retired I had been working for almost 38 years at court without a break. And remember that from 1978 I have written in magazines and from1986 onwards I also had work in the fishing industry too as a consultant, editor, editors assistant, book writer the lot. So it was almost like working 70 years doing both. Having retired from full time work the sky is the limit.I have no rigid plans as such and will continue to be a consultant for Nash Tackle and Bait, write for Carpworld, Carpology, Carp Talk, Carp Feed and so on ( plus slide shows, conferences, open days etc )but no court work...

Could you share your thoughts on the modern day carp scène?

It is what is and that is fine. It is not how it was when I started in 1984 but I guess the older guys in '84 thought it was better in the seventies. I still love it just as much it's just different but what isn't ? Formula 1, football, boxing....everything is different from back in the day and you either enjoy it on your own terms or dont do it I say. Moaning achieves nothing. There are things I don't like but maybe if I was thirty years younger I would think different ?

If you could go back in time, what would you change an why?

In carp fishing I would not change anything as all the hard times made me who I am today. I would love to have had the hair rig first but I had it before most people anyway. Personally not dating some crazy women would be good to go back and avoid ha ha....

Willem: Hahah, I think most of us can relate to that...

Julian past er prima tussen

What’s the most annoying thing in the carp scene these days?

Anglers not smiling when they catch carp drives me mad. When you catch a carp smile. If it does not make you happy dont do it. Its not MMA or boxing where you need to look tough...Smile it is just catching carp and you look stupid with a frown..!!!!

Who were the carp anglers you’d looked up to back in the day and why?

Kevin Maddocks and Andy Little. Kevin because he was so technical, neat, organised and methodical which is what I try to be. Andy because he targetted carp 5-50 pounds which is what I do. I also liked the articles they wrote. Funnily enough I have written books with both, fished socially with both and am still friends with both. That cant be bad can it !!

Julian Cundiff

How do you combine your fishing with your personal life at home?

I have a fiancee but have never been married or have kids. It has not been a problem as I can put carp fishing into perspective. Work, family, health all come before it. Carp fishing fitted round it so it did not make me a carp casualty or blow out. I am in it for life not just a few years. Now I can pick and choose my time and waters but my home life has not really suffered too much. I lost lots of girlfriends with it who could not understand my passion for it (and I agree we carp anglers must appear crazy).

When and how did you get infected with the “carp virus” ?

I started fishing in 1976 when i was bike riding round a local pond and saw a man catch a lovely tench.....I was hooked too.I started serious carp fishing in 1984 so this is my 34th year as a carp angler. Not many can say that AND I have never stopped either. I fish all year round and always have done.

Which product is indispensable for you in your fishing?

Sharp strong hooks.. I use Nash Pinpoint Fang Twisters in 4-6 which are hand sharpened.

How do you handle/approach a new swim?

I do as much research as possible via friends and people I trust. Then I will visit the water at least once ( usually more ) to view it first hand. I will walk the water and watch at dawn and dusk and watch what others are doing and not doing. Generally I go in with my standard and proven tactics and only change IF it's not working...

Nash pinpoint hooks

How important are rigs in your fishing and what is your most favorite rig you use the most and why?

Very important. Once the carp have been found and I have a bait they want to eat the rig is next. I use the multi rig 95% of the time to present a pop up 5-20 mm off the bottom. Nash Combilink hooklength, overweighted pop up and Nash Fang Twister hook size 4-6. The ultra-buoyant pop up is mounted on a bait screw. Because the hook point is off the bottom the rig is always fishing.

What's your personal bait choice and why?

Nashbait Frozen Key boilies with a small white or pink pop up over the top. Works everywhere. The carp love it, whats not to like.

What is your favorite fish-related book or film?

Kevin Maddocks Carp Fever book.

What is the most underestimated aspect of carp fishing for you?

Enjoying it and looking long term. Of course working hard at it is important but you need to enjoy that hard work and look long term. Its not about “completing" carp fishing in a few years and moving on in my opinion. It can and should be a lifetime of fun IMO.

If I ask you about your favorite catch of all time, which fish will you be the first to come to mind?

I guess catching my first double figure carp in 1984. Until then I had caught smaller carp but was more of a specialist angler targetting tench, pike, and eels. Soon as I got the double it was carp, carp, carp !!!!!

How would you describe your ultimate CarpFeeling? It means the best memory or feeling you ever had in your fishing career?

For me it was being inducted into the Carp Fishing Hall Of Fame in 2010. This is an award given to those who have contributed to carp fishing. It features Rod Hutchinson, Kevin Maddocks, Kevin Nash, Andy Little, Dick Walker and co so to be inducted into it by Tim Paisley and Chris Ball was a great honour and feeling. Anyone can catch carp but to contribute to the history of it was very special.

What do you hope to achieve in the future in the sport fishing area?

To keep enjoying it !! Simple..... Having caught UK carp to nearly fifty pounds it is not about catching big carp to me.

Julian Cundiff

What do you hope for the next generation of anglers and what would you give them for advice?

Enjoy it. Treat your quarry , surroundings and others with respect and have a balance in life. I love rock music, Formula 1, Moto GP, WWE, cycling, reading the lot... Life is to be lived not endured....

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and time. If I may say, I was honored to work with you! As a child I read some of your books, mostly only the pictures, but I had never could have imagine it would lead to this, many thanks and I hope our paths may cross one day!

Thank you for this opportunity Willem. It is great to contribute to my friends and fans abroad....Hopefully we will meet up one day!

Julian Cundiff


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